The Truth Behind Mardi Gras

So you have heard of this thing called Mardi Gras, huh? The wild parties, the drunken tourists, and the parades. Well, I hate to disappoint you, but that is not Mardi Gras, that is Bourbon Street in the french quarter any night of the week year round. Ok, well sometimes this is mardi gras, but most parades throughout Louisiana are actually quite different.

This is Mardi Gras:

Real Parades start with old men, you didn't know that?

Real Parades start with old men, you didn’t know that?

It all begins with a couple of old guys walking down the streets with flags. Proudly following the cops on horses and hopefully not stepping in horse crap. If you are lucky they will blow you a kiss.

What could be better than a group of kilted musicians?

What could be better than a group of kilted musicians?

Then, the parade gets really wild. Bagpipes baby. It’s getting hot in here, so lets all wear awesome kilts.

Ghostbusters! That's who. Yes, our parades have the actually ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters! That’s who. Yes, our parades have the actually ghostbusters.

Yes, we have  a group of men that go around town pretended they are the actual ghostbusters. This is something that is really happening. How do I become friends with them?

hello float full of brides..

hello float full of brides..

What could be more southern than parading a group of women who need to be married on a float? You are too old to find a man on your own, well then we will parade you through town and see if we get any takers.

Wait for it, a second group of kilted bagpipers!

Wait for it, a second group of kilted bagpipers!

Oh yeah, it is about to get wild, a second group of bagpipers. Who knew there were so many families that bagpiped together? The family that wears skirts together stays together, right?

Even spider man comes to our parades.

Even spider man comes to our parades.

Throw me somethin’ Mister! No, not white goo that shoots out of your hand, this is a family parade. Throw me some beads and a plastic cup. God knows I need another mardi gras cup. What else would I drink my sweet tea out of? What you thought I was going to say whiskey didn’t you? Tisk Tisk, I save the whiskey for family holidays and I keep it in a flask, naturally.

30 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Mardi Gras

  1. I am so homesick for New Orleans right now I can barely stand it. I hate tourists, really, I can’t stand them and the way they treat my beloved city like their own private frat house bathroom, but the soul of the city calls me back every day. I went to the theater to see “Tchoupitoulas” a few weeks ago and I kept reaching out to the screen. Some day I’m going to make it back home.

    Thanks for posting this, you made my night. (Tell the city I miss her!)

  2. We went to a parade last night with the goal of not bringing any beads home! We brought home three cups and that was it! Always need more cups.

  3. We have a Ghostbusters car in my town and I am desperate to make friends with them. Thus far my overtly friendly smiling and occasional waving is not working, I am going to have to work harder.

  4. I need more cups! Somehow they keep disappearing. Don’t think I will make it to any parades this year. Since I have moved 40 miles north of the coast it’s just not that convenient anymore. No little kids at home to bug me to go and I already have a file box full of cool beads. Am I getting old? 🙂

  5. That goo spidey statement cracked me up! Are we the only two to know what that stuff really is? (It ain’t webbing, that’s for sure.)

    We have a mini-Mardim Gras down near Galveston. It’s the best we can do without the 8hr drive east. Crazy madness, though. I feel too old for it anymore, but I hope to take the kids once I feel they’re old enough to see people doing not-so-nice things in public.

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