You should be afraid of that angry feminist on the corner



There is an angry feminist right behind you. In fact they are all over the internet. Be careful they are out to get you. Be ready, they want you to…wait for it… treat women equally. Shit. They even want equal pay. The horror. The horror. But, the bible says men and women are supposed to be treated differently. Ok, it also says you can’t eat bacon. And we all know you are probably eating bacon right this very minute. Jesus can see you. He told me. We talk because he totally is besties with my lezzie wife.


OMG they are getting the children too!!

When did being a left wing feminist become a four letter word? I think it is when everyone stopped listening to each other and just began making stuff up. The world became obsessed with fast, fast, fast. There isn’t enough time to fact check, not enough time to look at something from another point of view, only enough time to get mad.

As a card carrying angry lesbian feminist, I have seen and heard many a things. What I have learned from it all is that at this moment in american culture we would rather fight each other over tiny details, then work together to fix big problems. Within the feminist community there is constant fighting. Black vs White. Men vs Women. Include Transgender vs. Don’t include. And the fights are just as nasty and cut throat as the ones against the republican party. 

If we cannot stand together, we are nothing. Individually we are weak. Together we are strong.

So much passion and it is beautiful. Imagine what we could accomplish together.

12 thoughts on “You should be afraid of that angry feminist on the corner

  1. I prefer not to be an anything-hater, but consider me one of those. And i am certainly doing my part in raising two awesome feminists. They can already kick their brothers’ butts, and they will one day rule the world wearing pink tu-tus and singing My Little Pony songs. Be afraid. Muahahaha…

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