What I learned in Grad School…

I am now a master.

I have learned quite a few life changing things while in grad school. Out of the goodness of my heart I have decided to share a few with you.


1. Putting a group of adults into one room for eight hours a day for an entire summer is a terrible idea. Somehow we made it out alive, yet I am not sure how.


2. If you are lucky people will leave you notes on how to use a toilet.

photo 1


Thank goodness I went to grad school! I had no idea you were supposed to flush these fancy things.

3. Good men still exist.

photo 2


Isn’t nice of this young man to warn girls ahead of time that he has a small dick.


4. If you tell your advisor that you are going to get shots, he will ask to come with you.

photo 3


5. Whatever anyone says it is totally worth it. Educate yourself people.

Good Reads

A friend asked me where my blog roll was as to help her find some good blogs to start following. This reminded me I had not updated my blog roll in oh about nine months. And here on wordpress, there is a good potential for half your blog roll to stop posting in that time, so it was due for an update.

I posted last month for people to ask me to check out their blogs, I am still doing that, and so have not added any of those cool blogs to my blog roll yet, but will the next update.

I keep my blog roll on the page called good reads at the top of my homepage. I hope you enjoy reading these blogs because I sure as hell do.

Here are some amazing blogs. In no particular order ūüôā

0. Not the hardest part (formerly known as the waiting) 

1. Becoming Cliche 

2. Publikworks

3. Mommy Man

4. The Solipsistic Me

5. A Buddhist in the Red Belt

6. Zendicitve

7. Ashley, etc

8. Snide Reply

9. Maximum Wage

10. Dirt N Kids

11. The Lutheran Church of Australia: In my opinion

12. Daddy Ranman

13. Raising my Rainbow

14.¬†In Case I’m Gone

15. Sweet Mother

16. Ferociously Fallen

17. Sweating for it

18. A rich full life in spite of it

19. Canadica!

20. A Clown on Fire 

Time is a wasting people get on it

Most of you know by now that this month is movember. Awareness for men’s health. It is difficult to know what to do to support movember. For women’s health there are walks, parades, and athletes wearing neon pink. In fact, I often feel that year round it is women’s health awareness month. But, men’s health? Where are the sporting events to raise money for that? Where are the walks? Maybe I am confused and men really live forever and they just step into another dimension and laugh at our silliness they left behind. I guess I will never know. Until then, I am going to do something for movember.

Should I buy a pair of movember toms? 

Should I write an inspirational poem?

I hate the Doctor

But, we should all go see them

Your life is worth it


Should I try to speak to the men in my life about there health?

Ok, I have one man in my life that’s my dad. Truly that’s it. I have tried repeatedly to talk to him about his health. The response I get is that it is none of my business and he is handling it. From time to time he slips and and puts on his calender that he is going to the dr, but won’t talk about it. I am not sure if this is because he is my dad, or this is how men approach health. I obviously have little experience with men, so maybe I should have gone with sending him a poem about his prostrate health.


I could pass out mustaches to everyone to raise awareness-

This would be fun and informative, but I would have to make sure that is was obvious that it was for movember and not just mustaches for the fun of it. Maybe I could just put a link to Le Clown’s website on the back. But, is a bunch of people sitting around wearing fake mustaches while reading Le Clown’s blog really what America needs? Obviously it is, why are you even asking me that.

There are so many things that can be done to raise awareness for all of the amazing men in your life. So get up off you ass and do something. Time is a wasting.

You can start by liking bloggers for movember on facebook,  donating money here,  and of course visit Le Clown without whom I would have never heard of movember. 


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not” The lorax

My First Blogiversary

I  have officially been blogging for a year!

I cannot believe that I am just as excited about it now as I was when I started. I have over 72,000 views, 258 posts, and 1, 395 followers. I even was graced with being freshly pressed twice! It still amazes me that anyone would want to read my silly thoughts on life.

I want to say thank you to all of my followers, especially those that have been with me since the very first month. Many of you I feel like I actually know you in the real world and not just cyber space. You have been so kind an encouraging. It gives me hope that the world can find its way back to a kinder more caring place one day. But who I am kidding that is probably never going to happen.

So many things can happen in a year. The bloggess started following me on twitter. Another hurricane hit. My daughter turned 2. My sister had a baby. Obama became the first president to acknowledge that I deserve full rights as an American. Miley Cyrus time travelled back to 1990. The 82 year old lady next door’s boyfriend said sexual things to her in front of me. How can this year even be topped?

Next year I plan to follow through with my goal of drinking black hipster coffee every morning. I am going to get in shape so I look like Kate Hudson in the season premier of Glee. My mother will visit for two full weeks and maybe even see me more than once. I will continue my search for a new city and perhaps even find one. I will start doing yoga again. But mostly, I will keep talking with y’all.

Peace and Love,


free printable thank you notes from http://www.junelily.com

Shit is about to get real

As I try to come up with something to write, all I can hear in my mind is the video sweet mother posted about shit getting real in the whole foods parking lot.

I’m serious. It is on repeat in my brain. I don’t even think a Brittany Spears song would fix this desperate situation.

So I am going to just go with it


According to urban dictionary : Shit getting real

When a situation changes from the tame and quotidian to the unfamiliar and hazardous, shit gets real. Shit getting real can lead to unexpected and potentially life-threatening consequences. If you believe shit may soon become real, the best thing to do is to get real yourself by staying calm and maintaining an awareness of your surroundings.

How to know when Shit is gettin’ real:

1. The mob of angry teenagers forming around you. Don’t worry they probably just want to have a dance off. Which is awesome because we all know you kick ass at dance battles.

2. That coworker, you know the one, just put you down in front of the boss. You can hear the whispers forming across the room as you roll up your sleeves, to of course shake their hand and walk away. I am not losing my job over that fool. You kidding me.

3. Your toddler turns glares at you and whispers no and walks away. Oh so you are thirteen now and think you can just walk away from me. Just wait till your mother/father/other parent of some kind gets home!

4. Some one mentions Chick fil A. Oh hell no, they did not just mention THE chick fil A. Do it again. I dare you. No one mentions the fried chicken that gives all friend chicken a bad name in my presence. You rip off your shirt and run at them.

5. The alarm goes off. Who does that alarm even think he is. (side note alarms are men) Not only am I going to show you who is boss by ignoring you, but I am going to throw you on the ground. That’s right, what you gonna do know?


*If you find yourself in any of these situations remain strong my friend. Remain strong*

Once you pop, you just can’t stop

Everyone tells you tattoos are addicting. If you grow up in the bible belt, they tell you they are the mark of the beast that will send you to hell in the event of the second coming. Somehow I do not think it is my tattoos that have sealed my fate in hell.

As soon as you get one tattoo, you need another. (Not if you get your first tattoo when you are drunk and you end up with a picture of tweetie bird on your ass)

Each tattoo I get, I tell myself this is the last one. And I really fool myself into believing for a a couple weeks.

This is where you ask to see my tattoos, but not today.

I have three tattoos, technically four, as I added to one years after I got it. I am not sure if that counts as one or two. Maybe the tattoo artists who read my blog can tell me.


My latest need is a sleeve. Yes, I have reached that level. I desperately want a sleeve. As a teacher, that is slightly frowned upon. Granted I already have tattoos that show everyday already, I do not want to push it.

But, one day I will not be a teacher, and that is the day I will get my sleeve. This is how I want the sleeve to start, I have to figure out how I want it to finish. Of course at the same time it can’t look exactly like this, because I hate the idea of copying someone’s tattoo.

How did I get here?

I have reached 1000 followers.

I feel like I should throw a party. But, then I am not rich enough to buy all of the cute party stuff on etsy that pinterest tells me I need in order to have a successful party, so maybe we should just dance.

Or watch a hilarious video

I am not sure why I post videos as I never watch videos other people post.

However I feel watching something funny is the perfect way to celebrate.


Thank you to all of my followers, the regulars who read everything, the ones who stop by every once in a while, and even those who only stopped by once. I appreciate you taking your time to share my thoughts.

It’s ok to be jealous

My day was epic

1. Found a new way to clean toilets on pinterest.

2. I challenged a fellow blogger and this is the result : Maximum Wage Blog

3. Friday means manditory ice cream social as a part of grad school.

4. I got to go to my professors house and eat chocolate

5. I got to throw dry ice in a fountain

Boom. Epic Friday. It’s ok to be jealous.

Dry ice goes from the frozen state directly to gas, no liquid state. Pretty wicked.