Its was cold for three days so global warming totally doesn’t exist

You, yes you. I am talking to you ignorant fool. The one with the W sticker still on your car and the bible you have never bothered to read on your bedside. So you decided you are a scientist. You know all about the climate because you got cold for three days in the south. I’m sure those damn climate scientists who have spent their entire life studying the climate probably actually just got their information from the same people who “made” Obama’s birth certificate.

I have been told ignorance is bliss. Sure for the ignorant people, but for the rest of us it is like having someone hit our heads against a wall.

Oh I know you got all of your info Sarah Palin and she is totally smart because she wears glasses and is in love with jesus. Jesus only supports the people are super smart. Totally.




12 thoughts on “Its was cold for three days so global warming totally doesn’t exist

  1. So I read a few of your posts during my search through Recommended Blogs, trying to pick up some hints as to how I should make the one I’ve started more…
    … approachable. I think that’s the word I’m looking for. You know – toss out a relatively light-weight thought about an issue and let people take it the rest of the way as seriously as they either want to or as realistically as they are capable.
    I just figure that the best way to present any thoughts or feelings that people on both sides of a given ideological spectrum tend to take from marginally valid and sound, reasonable and realistic and bludgeon them into the realm of complete lunacy is to address those issues with the irreverence they deserve.
    This post got me to hit the “Follow” button.

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