How do you call your lover boy?

Dirty Dancing, the first movie I ever snuck into the basement to watch, knowing full well I would get in trouble for watching it. Of course I had been sneaking my dad’s victoria secret catalogs for years. Oh youth.

I love the music, the sexy sweaty grinding, the love story from the wrong side of the tracks, the fact that she is 18 yet they all call her baby, and I love that the thieves are the cute old couple. Can you believe that Patrick and Jennifer hated each other during filming? Hate sure does lead to hot sex.

I wonder if I were in the movie dirty dancing, what character would I be?


The dad: I could take up golf and be a rich doctor. But, that would be boring.

The mom: Are you kidding me, I could never be that passive and quiet. Let’s move on.

The sister: She isn’t the smartest cookie, but she does get the boys… well until she won’t put out.

Baby: The perfect combination of smarts, and naïveté all in one.

Johnny: The poor guy who is stuck dancing with rich ladies, and having them throw themselves at you. Tough life.


Such a tough decision on who to play. But, when it comes down to it, the answer is right there in front of me. Get to make out with Jennifer Grey or be related to Jennifer Grey. Hello, make out with Jennifer Grey.

I totally would be Johnny. Rich ladies here I come!

Too many choices

I have decided to tackle the age old problem of what movie to see on friday night. This can be one of the most challenging events of your week. In order to ease the pain of this process, I have created a short summary of what to expect in a few of the films that are out right now.


image from google images


Hunger Games-

This is a much anticipated film. It is set in a world where government uses fear to control it citizens. Something no one here could understand, so it may be hard to follow. However, if you enjoy watching children run around attempting to kill eachother it may be the right pick for you.

The Vow-

This is a romantic comedy. They meet. They fall in love. She forgets who he is. He tries to win her back. Most important part is the cast is sexy.

21 Jump Street-

A totally new concept. Men acting like they are in high school, while totally making fools of themselves at work. The originality in this flick is mind blowing. Where do they come up with these ideas? Men never act like that in real life.

The Lorax-

A children’s film. This film is about how a young man wants to impress a girl and in the process learns many wonderful things. This is the film you want your children to see. Because we all know the most important thing in life is getting someone to like you and then and only then will you find your destiny.

Project X-

Hangover but with high school students. Because a movie about watching underage drinking is somehow ok.


To further increase your movie enjoyment don’t forget to bring a date, make out, and throw popcorn at the screen.