How to move in the most difficult way possible

Moving is exciting, terrifying, and exhausting all within moments of each other. And if you try really hard you can make it damn near impossible and who knows maybe lose a few friends.

Image from you can rent your very own truck there!

Image from
you can rent your very own truck there!

1. First you can become a teacher forcing you to constrict your move to summer months. Which then forces your spouse to find a job that will start in june or july or the dreaded split the family up temporarily for the move.

2. You could simply luck into not selling your house, and then rent it out two weeks before you can move into your new place. Move all of your things into a storage unit and two weeks later move it out. Don’t forget to stay at a family member’s house that has pets that pee all over the floor during those two weeks. Bonus points if your kids fall in the pee everyday.

3. Your new house should be at least on the third floor. And don’t even think about moving into someplace with an elevator.

4. Move during the week so that all of your friends are at work and cannot help you lug that new couch you just had to have.

5. Most importantly make certain it rains as much as possible during your scheduled moving days.

6. Make sure your drive is over ten hours. Bonus if your kids have severe allergies so that you can’t stop at fast food places on the drive to your new house.

Official status- We live in Georgia now. It does not feel real yet.