I love my daughter, but…

She is the most exhausting person I have ever met.

Getting our princess nails done. Priorities.

Getting our princess nails done. Priorities.


And I can’t even be mad because she is me. Poor girl.

I have begun to feel that if I had waited until she was 3 I don’t think we would have a second child. What a horrible thing to say. Yeah, Yeah, but have you met a three year old this wasn’t true about?

A day in the life of my three year old:

6 am- Time to scream because I do not want to be awake. ( She is not a morning person)

6:15 am – Switch to crying because it is too cold outside to wear a dress without pants. You see my daughter will only wear dresses. Literally. Because Princesses don’t wear pants. Thanks Disney. And by thanks I mean F you disney.  So she wears pants and a dress over top. Then calls it stylish.

6:45-3:45 Act like an angel at school all day. Come home with best listener awards.

3:45- Spend car ride home saying potty words to make her sister laugh. “booty, booty, booty”

4:00- Demand to change from her regular dress to a princess dress. If she does all is well. IF not. Holy hell insert one hour of crying about dress.

6:00- Cry about going poop. Because She hates to poop. This could be a whole post itself.

7:00- Asleep. Hey, this is a pretty good quality.

My daughter is smart, hilarious, and extremely stubborn. Which makes her pretty fantastic, except she is three and doesn’t understand why you can’t not poop and wear princesses dresses everywhere.

27 thoughts on “I love my daughter, but…

  1. Anyone who talks about the “Terrible Twos” has clearly never met a three year old. I love them, but I also know *exactly* what you’re talking about.

  2. Oh, lordy. I am scared for when my daughter turns 3! I nannied for YEARS and I’ve long-said this is the hardest age for little girls…until the teen years, that is.

  3. you are describing my daughter, who is now 24. Except she won’t consider pants because she has 2 older brothers and refuses to wear anything thing might possibly be a hand me down from them. If she’d been my first child, she’d have been an only child.

  4. She’s seems to be the PERFECT match for my grandson.. I’ll call my son and tell him the good news..!! “See.. there’s another one out there..!!” 🙂
    Wonderful post..!!

  5. I can just imagine the next post name. “Turds and Tutus.” If it’s any consolation to you, I’ve always called the Terrible Three’s, NOT the Two’s. The Two’s are just priming the pump for the Three’s…

    Doubtful I’da had four if my first daughter (my third kid) had turned three first. I knew I was doomed when she went from crawling to running and I already had #4 in the oven — too late to back out. (Four under the age of FIVE. Thank God for beer and coffee.)

  6. 6 am and 6:15? She could be 11! We have clothing meltdowns, screaming because Mommy didn’t wake her up, screaming because Mommy didn’t make breakfast fast enough, screaming because she can’t fold her own damn hoody and she’s going to be late because Mommy sucks and can’t fold fast enough. You get the picture. Has the Princess hit “I hate you!” yet? That one’s always fun.

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