It’s Just Not Right

Every morning, I drive 30 minutes out into the coon ass country of Louisiana’s Bayou for work in the pitch black darkness that is daylight savings time.

On my long commute I pass a McDonald’s. It has a very large glass room two stories high in the front for a play area.

The only problem is there is nothing in said room. NOTHING. It is just a giant empty glass room.

What the hell McDonalds?

This is what you are supposed to look like, not all empty and depressing

Did something happen and they had to take down the play room and were not able to put it back up?

Were the owners too cheap and just never put it up in the first place?

Perhaps the traffic causing aliens took it to their home planet?

It bothers me to no end. McDonald’s is built on the concept of you get exactly the same nasty ass shit in every store. This is not that. I need my McDonald’s to be reliable damn it.

Sure, Sure I could go in and ask them, but then I would look like a crazy lady. And we can’t have that. Because the opinion of strangers is really the key to all happiness in life.

6 thoughts on “It’s Just Not Right

  1. LOL We have a said Burger King with the same scenario, only this entire restaurant closed down (recent road construction eliminated an entry point and they lost business). So big empty room, but at least no lights on and no poor-underpaid-worker’s home. One down, 33 more to go.

    Hope the new job in coon ass (hadn’t heard that term in a while!) country is going well. Cheers, lady.

  2. If I worked there and someone came in and asked me, I would blame it on them. “The Playground was fully in tact before you strolled through that store. Somebody pat this person down! They’ve stolen the children’s happiness!”

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