Be gone with you summer, I said be gone.

It is 90 degrees outside (feels like 99), and yet I am inside in sweats and under two fleece blankets with the a/c blasting.  There is most obviously something wrong with me.

Maybe it is my deep inner need to relieve my childhood winters in Minnesota?

Oh how I miss the snow.


The ice skating at recess, the throwing boiling water into the air and watching it fall down as snow, the sledding, the snow ball fights…

One day I will live somewhere where it snows. There is nothing quite like the first snow of the season. You look up as all the frozen crystals fall around you as though you walked into a life size snow globe. As each tiny flakes lands gracefully on your face and melts into the warmth of your skin, you know a magical time of year has arrived. There is something in winter that simply is not in the other seasons. Sure, they have their value. But, winter transforms the world into a magical place of endless possibilities.


p.s. don’t eat the yellow snow.

16 thoughts on “Be gone with you summer, I said be gone.

  1. As a fully authenticated Priest…i can assure you that the correct wording is…

    Summer! I cast thee out! Returned to the evil fires of hell that spawned thee, foul season!

    but try to contain it to your own country coz I LOVE a hot summer. That falling snow stuff sounds awesome but…its a fantasy. Ive never seen it therefore it cant be real.

  2. Thank you for the kind words about snow. I was one of those kids who got her tongue stuck on a metal pole! Never did the boiling water trick, though. It’s hard for me to love snow when I am the one who has to remove it and/or convince a teenager that it is better to shovel than be grounded until the thaw. Cross fingers that the blower starts this year. I’ll send you snow, if you like.

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