Some things you wish you could un-hear

Things Teachers hear, but wish oh so badly we never had:

“All male teachers flirt with the female students, you just only do it to a certain point, so they know it is just for fun”- a male teacher

“She dropped out of school because her dad got her pregnant”- a student

“I need to tell you that in your 3rd hour kids have been giving each other hand jobs under the lab tables when you have subs” -a student

“all public school teachers are bad teachers”- a teacher

“I am going to shut down your school and if for someone reason you save it, I will try to shut you down again next year” – superintendent

“I heard there was a gun at your school today?” “I didn’t know that” “Oh yeah it was on the news” “Oh yeah, they don’t even tell us anymore” -my dad and me

“You know she got suspended for sending naked texts to all the boys at school”- a student

“He only hit her because he was angry” – a mom about her son and his girlfriend

31 thoughts on “Some things you wish you could un-hear

  1. So hard to believe and yet not hard to believe at all. Teachers are heroic and undervalued (and I say this not because I taught, but because it’s true)…The enormity of thinking that you can change the perspective of even one child like those quoted above, is absolutely amazing. Take a bow my friend, you have earned that and then some..

      • Very sad. But I mean, when teachers know the kids are giving blowjobs under the tables, does the principal, the superintendent, and/or the board ever discuss addressing self-esteem directly in relation to having sex, as well as just the general self-esteem blah-blah?

      • I know that in Texas everything is about self-esteem, but more in the sense of throwing pizza parties for kids who have shown up to school every day of the week, or how good football is for self-esteem and school pride. Texas is also an abstinence only state, though. It’s the stupidest thing.

  2. Heart-breaking stuff. Yesterday, a child told me, through tears, that he cries when his mom beats him. I work with children from another ethnicity and culture. Corporal punishment is perfectly fine in their world, so not reportable. All I can do is take in his pain and let it sit with the pain I still carry from when my parents beat me.

  3. Really enjoyed this. My Mam is a teacher and this reminds me of all the stuff she retells from when she gets home from work! crazy stuff at times!

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