Someone called me weird at work today. The same guy who took my boss aside and whispered “you know she has a tattoo. Is that ok with you?” To which she said “Yes is it ok with you?”

I simply responded with I was born weird and have been weird my whole life.

As I walked away I thought to myself the nerve of some people. Really weird? Thats the best you got? There are so many other things you could call me like cute, adorable, super cool and popular. He really ruined my lunch. I may not eat much but what little I do eat I don’t want it ruined by rude people.

People should come with warning signs that hang in the air over their heads.

Bully, Mean girl, I will be nice to your face while quietly judging you, and the ever important I am plotting your death right now.

But then again maybe I don’t really want to know that much about everyone I meet.

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