Vote or die

Every Four years something bad happens. It is so bad it frightens me to speak its name. Political season. I hope no one heard me.

Men and Women get on tv and say I love this country, but everything has gone to hell and I am the only one who fix it. Just like your mother says to you when you are 30 and unmarried in the south. I love you honey but your life has gone to hell and I am we are going to have to fix it before its too late and no one will marry you.

Then people ask them questions about how they plan to do fix us because at this point they have bought into this whole our country sucks bit. One would think they would have elaborate plans in detail to describe. Boy did they fool you. They answer quite passively by never actually answering the question. Yet people buy into it. I mean really buy into it. Going on and on about how well they debated and who won. Seriously someone won that? All I saw was a bunch of people on stage grunting. Ah to be that niave. That would be a nice simple life wouldn’t it.

Which  brings me to a place where I get many of my life lessons from South Park. I mean who doesnt. The vote or die episode. Classic. Stan refuses to vote for the new school mascot. It was between a douchebag and a turd sandwhich. Literally. So they kick him out of the town and send him to the woods to die. His family cant even look at him, how could he not take this seriously they were so ashamed.

There have been many great things accomplished by politicians dont get me wrong. But when it comes down to it, how many really were just a bunch of douchebags?

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