The good soda

My ten year high school reunion is this year. So in modern fashion the class officers started a group on facebook. I was excited when I saw the group. Joined right away. Thinking it will be fun to go back, see friends I haven’t seen in ten years.

Then the wall posts started. OMG now I remember why I hated high school. It was you people.   It starts sinking in. I dont think I can handle a night of conversation about how amazing it is that we are adults, and how we didnt find ourselves until after highschool was over, and of course the football games our senior year. (you see my high school has a nationally ranked football team every year). Good times right? I didnt walk at graduation, I ran. As far as I could.

to go or not to go that is the question….

Oh you know I am going to go. How can I not?

Its like that soda at the world of coke museum in the tasting room, that everyone is going oh this is so disgusting and you run over to taste it. You just had to do it. Didnt you? Couldnt walk away? Nope not me.

But how boring would my life be if I only drank the good soda?

One thought on “The good soda

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