The most magical place on earth

My backyard is magic. Magic I tell you.

We can sit inside for five minutes and my daughter will begin to scream with boredom. But outside, we could do nothing for hours and she is the picture of peace and grace.

I think it could be the excitement of the patch of grass that is a foot tall, or majestic ants that roam the yard looking for adventure, oh and dont forget the always tasty dirt. Her newest adventure has become taking the bocce balls one at a time on an epic journey over the ant hills, through the grass, past the dead tree and under the hammock to me lining them up and then bringing them back across the yard. But that sounds so dangerous you say. Ahh but I am raising her to be fearless. hahahaha

So there was only one solution build a deck so i can sit outside for hours with my daughter.

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