Valentine’s Day I think I will pass

I have placed the following video in for you to play as you read my blog to set the mood. Plus it is a video of some great Louisiana Zydeco Dancing.

It is February. All over most of the world stores are covered in hearts, chocolates, and love. Not in south Louisiana. It is almost as if Valentine’s day simply does not exist here. Sure it is mentioned here or there. But why do anything for Valentine’s Day when it is MARDI GRAS!!

Mardi Gras is six weeks of parades, parties, and bon temps. To many who thought Mardi Gras was simply a few days of partying in New Orleans and Rio, you are sadly misinformed. Mardi Gras begins the day after Epiphany and does not end until ash wednesday. Multiple parades every weekend throughout the state. Some are family friendly and have young dance troops wearing bikinis and shaking their booty to explicit music. Some parades are at night and are covered in lights. Transforming the city into a glistening twinkle of times past. Some parades are risque throwing everything from thong underwear to condoms. One special parade at 8 am throws painted coconuts. But, only a few every year. You have to get their early enough to get a spot good enough to catch one. But my favorite is a parade in which everyone wears all hot pink. Everyone in the floats, everyone who goes. Flamingoes cover the town in their feathers like a soft snow.

Did I mention the King Cake? Every bakery makes it. They all claim to be the best. Most of them are dry. The best one is Haydel’s in New Orleans. Trust me. If you say otherwise. I will call you a liar and stick out my tongue.

Do I miss Valentine’s Day? Sure from time to time. But what I get instead is so much better.