You should be watching The New Girl

What are you watching on TV these days?

I am watching The New Girl.

And so should you. Right now. Seriously.

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1. It has Zooey Deschanel . No other reason necessary.

2. The writers blow every other show in the past decade out of the water

3. The show Redefines humor.

4. I told you to and I am like birth control 99% effective.

5. You need something to do on tuesdays at 8pm central. I know you do.

It has been years since I have laughed the way I laugh when I am watching this show. It not only allows me to laugh, it completely relaxes my soul. After watching The New Girl all of the darkness of my week is washed away. For once a show on TV is about stepping away from the harsh reality of the world and jumping into a reminder of all that is wonderful.