The calm before the storm.

My brain is a bit cloudy these days and it is leaving me challenged to be creative.  Well that and all I can hear in my mind is the theme song to wonder pets. “Wonder pets, wonder pets, save the day” And of course I hear it in my daughters voice as she chants it around the house. She also sings a nice little song I made up about lightning bugs and how their booties glow. Because there is nothing like a kid singing about bug booties glowing.

The dense fog of winter is settling in and has taken a hold of everything even my mind. But, how can one be expected to think when it is so damn hot in January. And for us in Louisiana so damn wet. The rain is relentless. Literally we are now under a national emergency for the entire state. When it rains for a week straight here, we are in feet and feet of water and it won’t go away. This is why I think there must be tons of people murdered and dumped in the bayou. With all this gator infested water everywhere, nobody will find you. Just don’t go driving around up to no good out in cajun country. You have been warned.

Sure, I could try and come up with something to jump start my mind, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Ok that was awful. Forgive me. Maybe I will just go get my pint of Ben and Jerry’s (that I really shouldn’t have bought since they donated money against the campaign in california to label genetically  modified food) And sit on the couch and watch a documentary about the life of Buddha and enjoy the mellow calm that comes with a clouded mind.

We all know there is always a calm before the storm.


I am slowly going crazy….

I have been having some serious writers block lately. I think it is related to the fact that I am spending hours each day writing my master’s thesis. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing about math theory, but it makes my head go fuzzy. So today I feel a little like this:

A Bloggers Kryptonite…. Writers Block

Writers Block. The bloggers kryptonite.

Nothing is more frustrating than a completely blank mind, or even worse one filled with weak ideas that cannot seem to come to life.

In case you ever get stuck with the block, I have listed my favorite go to blog ideas:

1. Recipes- Everyone loves a good recipe. Especially with pictures. Pictures of the food, not you.

2. Reviews- books, movies, tv, and more. I don’t do the books due to I only read rated R books, and some youngsters read this blog.

3. Work Stories- Everyone loves a great story they can relate to about how much work sucks. Unless your job is awesome, don’t rub that in my face. I may have to fight you.

4. Travel- Have you been someplace cool. Great! Tell me all about it. Wait, not that trip, you told me that story ten times already.

5. Silly kid stories- If you are going to talk about your kids walk the line. The line of funny, not overbearing mommy blog. Funny kid sayings=ok, My child speaks chinese, french, and spanish and she is one= not ok.

6. Christmas- The best holiday ever. So, you can write about it year round.

7. Letters- Getting to read someone’s private letter is like sneaking into your sister’s diary and finding out she had sex.


Now, go forth and write!