Feminism in non negotiable

In taking a break today from Vacation stories. Have to build up anticipation.


For some time I have been plagued by the heartbreaking stance on women today. Every where you turn there is yet another person taking away a woman’s choice on everything. Heaven forbid you let a women decide on her own. Every woman would make the wrong choice, so take away all of her choices. Naturally. But, do not dare tell a man what to do. Lawsuits across the nation. Instantly.

Women who nurse are called prostitutes, by pastors, and arrested by presidential nominees wives. Woman who work are ridiculed as bad mothers, and bad workers. Woman are smart, strong, and capable. Not too weak to know what is good for them.

Society used to adore everything about a woman, so important that in order to win over followers the Catholic church had to combine its celebrations with that of the fertility celebrations of the time. Life comes from a woman after all. Woman should be loved and cherished as equally important and valuable to men in this world.

To share my thoughts on this I turn to a speech Margaret Cho gave in one of her performances. I find it blunt, tough, and moving. Why try to say it better than this:

“Feminism is non negotiable. If you are not a feminist you do not deserve to live. Do you think you grew out of the ground? That the stork dropped you off? You fell from a tree? NO. You came out of a woman and even if your mother was awful, abandoned you, abused you, ignored you, made you hate yourself, put you on a diet at age six. So that to this day you still have a complex about your weight, molested you, competed with you, made you join a cult, was jealous of you, was nicer to your brother than you, sewed you matching outfits, made you eat liver, or any other kind of organ meat. (or like my mom dried fish) gave you a toni home perm, made you as crazy as she is, did not love you- you still owe her your life. You would not be here if it were not for her. I am not telling you to do anything for your mom. I’m just saying we need to respect woman for the fact that they are where the world begins. They are the reason we are still here. and will continue to be here forever.

So if you are not a feminist kill yourself. Normally I would not advocate suicide, but this time you do not have a choice. You do not have the right to live on this planet and you need to kill yourself and go to misogynist heaven. Which is like the playboy mansion. Where you can read all sorts of mens magazines like maxim, FHM, stuff, Hustler and of course playboy… except there will be no woman there. No real T &A just paper cuts and those annoying subscription cards that fall out all over the place. Because since you do not appreciate the wonder of what T&A really is and because you do not understand the importance of us being here, your exploitation makes you eligible for hell where we are not there at all. Kind of like jail, but you do not get to make other inmates your bitch. And then you have to read the articles. That is what I call Hades. Pussy, Pussy, everywhere , but not a drop to … What people need to understand is that the pussy is the front door to life. Do you get that? Nobody really thinks about it like that up in the dusty ancient cabinet of old white men that think they know everything. Woman has the right to let someone in, and tell them to come back another time, or even have a sign that says no solicitors. Woman has the right to  be exalted to choose for herself, for her own body, for her own life. Feminism is non negotiable. Word to your mother.”

~Margaret Cho