Toy Ducks Gone Wild

I walked into my kitchen and this is what I found.


Damn, that’s a sexy kitchen floor

I found myself wandering where was this duck going and why did he need pinks shoes to get there.

Maybe he was preparing for a flood and thought the shoe was a boat.

Maybe he was on his way out of the house and into the back yard when he fell into the shoe and got stuck.

Perhaps he was hiding from my daughter in her favorite shoe. This would be a terrible place to hide as she is always looking for the pink shoes.

Or, he too fancies himself a princess and needed pink shoes for his ensemble that day.

He forgot halloween was over and was trying to go trick or treating as a shoe. I knew I shouldn’t have let him go to colorado with his friends.

Or just maybe the aliens took him to their spaceship and performed secret alien experiments on him and sent him back in a pink shoe. Hey, stranger things have happened. I even dated a boy once.