All you need to know about staying healthy

Each month my school sends home a health letter. I have found it extremely helpful in maintaining my super fit physique. Now I must warn you this newsletter is only the most important health news in the nation.

Here are the sensational headlines from this month’s letter

1. Being a good friend- This is a list of ten ways to be a good friend such as “give your friends space” and “Talk about others positively”

2. How do you say I love you- simple ways to say I love you everyday such as” send an email” and “leave a note in their lunch box”

3. Heart Healthy Recipe tricks- These are some great tips such as” microwave and drain fat”

4. Hot dance steps for romance or fun- Everyone knows tap dancing is the way to romance with young men these days.

5. Putting your best foot forward- By which I mean how to find the best athletic shoes.

6. Germs don’t like people who wash their hands- You know what germs I don’t like you either.

7. Inner Hunger- A paragraph about eating disorders. Which are so simple they can obviously be explained in a few sentences.

8. Tax Preparation- Only prepare your taxes yourself if you think paying taxes is fun. How did they know I loved paying taxes. I have Tax day circled on my calender with a big heart.

9. Low Vision awareness month- What are the signs of low vision? Not being able to read signs, not being able to recognize faces, and not being able to match your clothes. Ha Ha maybe I need some new glasses.

10. Dental Disease in dogs and cats- Summary, clean your pets teeth.