Priceless moments with your friendly cashier

Scene: Target Check out line

Characters: Daughter and wife ( I was at school)


Wife walks up to cashier.

Cashier: My you are a pretty girl. You must look like your daddy. [ implying that my daughter looks nothing like my wife]

Daughter: I don’t have a daddy. Mama!

Wife: She doesn’t have a dad.

Daughter: This is my mama, my mommy is at school

Cashier: Silence



The ability to make strangers leave you alone. Priceless.

Karaoke anyone?

I was listening to my ani difranco pandora station when out of no where a target commercial came on. I was totally blindsided.

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It informed me that if I bought my groceries at target I would start singing. Not only would I sing all the time, but I would in fact sing while I shopped. I feel completely gipped. I have not only bought groceries at target, but other various useless items and I have not once started singing. I am left wondering why is my target not as song inducing as promised. It is like the time the Starbucks commercial promised me I could have my frappuccino with any flavor I wanted and then, they did not have any peppermint flavoring.

I know it is not just me who is getting left out because I have yet to see anyone else singing either. Which leaves me to wonder where are these singing people? How do I find them? And will there be free Starbucks with peppermint?