It is that time of year again

It is a rainy saturday afternoon. Playing blocks with a 2 year old. Building castles with doors ( the doors are apparently very important) and knocking them over. Then putting pretzels on our heads and going look I’m a princess.

What this situation really needs, I thought to myself, is Christmas music. It is after all July. (Jesus was really born in July or so they say)

I myself am a fan of the christmas. Ok that is an understatement. I have been pinning christmas DIY crafts for months.

Yet I do not live in a cold state. This means no snow at christmas. No white christmas. No Ice skating ( not the fake ice skating in shorts they do here) I want a turkey for christmas, not alligator.

I put my christmas tree that has rotating LED lights up in my classroom last year on November 1st. I got in trouble with our priest. ( I work at a religious school) Ok, not really in trouble, but he was disappointed. And you know what I simply do not see the problem. One cannot be too festive.

I think that I should be able to listen to my christmas music year round damn it. This is America. So if you see me out in my Christmas sweater this week in the 100 degree weather, some of you may shake your head in shame, but others will cheer!

Christmas everyday !!!

p.s. now my daughter is running around the house going happy christmas everyone! Success!