Sleepless nights

I am not a night person. Don’t even talk to me after eight pm. I am not a morning person either. I am more of ten to two kind of gal. And forget about monday. Those are just a wasted  days that I fumble through in a zombie robot haze.

I have heard rumors of people that only need four hours of sleep a night. At first I did not believe that it was possible. Like santa clause, the tooth fairy, and  sensitive men. But I saw it on fox news, thus it must be true.

I wonder if they can teach me this amazing skill of no sleep living. Imagine what I could accomplish with the extra time. I could learn the play the piano, speak french, or get a bunch of Phd’s. Only problem is when someone messes with my sleep I open a can of whoop ass.

Hold on….. You know what…. The only people who don’t need sleep are Vampires in twilight. They must be vampires. Of course. That explains everything.