The meaning of life

Tonight I sit here pondering the meaning of life. Don’t worry I will have the answer soon and your life will soon have meaning. You can stop crying now. That is unless it is tears of joy.


I want to simplify my life. Walk away from negative people. Walk away from people who value their needs and refuse to acknowledge mine. Cleanse the chemicals out of my home, and my food. Find wide open spaces  and let my soul be free.

What  has life become? Can you even see the stars when you look out your window?

Many homes have a TV turned on at any given moment. Playing shows where people sit around and do stupid shit. News stations that polarize the country into yours and ours, as if we are all so different there is nothing left to do but hate each other. Forgetting the news entirely.

Rows of magazines line the shelfs of the checkout. Telling you what tragic outfit someone you should know wore. As if that somehow matters.

Life are you out there? Hello?