Cleaning up and Simplifying Life

I was a vegetarian in a past life. Ok well a few years ago, which seems like another life sometimes. I was so healthy at that point in my life. Practicing Birkam Yoga three times a week, and eating so many fresh fruits and veggies. Life caught up to me. But I am determined to make an honest effort to live a healthier life. Especially now that whatever I am eating my daughter wants to eat. Plus have you seen the ingredent lists on those kids snacks? If I can’t pronounce it, she isn’t eating it. How many chemicals should one be eating every day?

This has not been an overnight process. We started with milk, dairy, and eggs. We transitioned from store brand milk to local organic milk. (We are really lucky in that there is an abundance of local products here) Then we switched the eggs to organic as well as most all other dairy products. Now some days I get to the store and if they are out then oh well. I can’t get worked up over everything being organic all of the time. We just buy local and organic when we can.

The next step was meat. Yes I eat meat now, and my daughter eats meat like it is candy. Thankfully she is not a fan of candy and chocolate. And if you try to give her some, yes I will give you the evil eye. Anyways. What I found after price checking at the winn dixie, target, walmart, produce stands, and whole foods (yes my grocery store is called winn dixie for those of you not in the south. And yes it was developed to support the south during the civil war and is still around or so I have been told. that is another story for another day.) What I have found is that if you are going to buy organic meat, milk, and dairy the best price in my city is whole foods. Target has the best price on annies organic kids snacks. Winn Dixie has the best price on other food items. And the produce stand down the street has the best price on veggies.

You are probably thinking does she really go all those places every week to get the best deal? Well yes I do. I am on a budget here and in order to make the organic fit in the budget a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

This year I am planning of planting a vegetable garden. Last year I started small with an herb garden. I killed it all but the lavender and rosemary. But I will try again. I know nothing about growing vegetables, so any tips would be so appreciated.

Next goal switching out the cleaning products.