Your Crazy Drunk Uncle

This past weekend was the most epic football battle in 40 years. LSU vs. Alabama. @ Alabama. 1 vs. 2. Two undefeated teams enter only one will leave with dignity.  If you were not watching the game you must have been dead.  I am an LSU fan. There are no other options. We dominated. 9 to 6!

Les Miles (LSU Head coach) says it best:

“Would I rather be a Bama fan? Of course not. LSU is just boatloads more fun. Alabama is respectable, dignified. They are college football royalty. We’re completely unhinged psychopaths. In the SEC Family, we’re the crazy drunk uncle. Everybody loves that guy, so long as he only trashes somebody else’s house. Well, we’re coming to trash Alabama’s house this week. Hide the china.” ~Les Miles