The snozberry tastes like snozberry

It is so important to focus on the wonderful things in life.

For starters, scented markers.

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Nothing makes life better than old fashioned scented markers. The yellow markers smell like lemon! The purple markers smell like grape! You have to take notes, highlight an article, or color a picture with a 3 year old. Sadness begins to set in. Then you remember your markers smell like what you dreamed the Candy land board game would be if you lived in it. Side note, if Candy land ever becomes real, I get to be the lollipop princess.

And every so often life throws you a curve ball. You grab an orange marker thinking it is just some ratty old marker, you open it and bam the sweet scent of tangerine overwhelms you. Reminding you of a sweet spring afternoon sitting on a large porch eating a warm orange as the warm breeze blows through the trees.