Hey woman, where did you put my teeth?

When the power goes out the red necks come out to play. I guess technically they are cajuns if they are from Louisiana and red necks if they are not. But, I am going with red necks just to be safe, you can’t call someone a cajun down here if they are not one. But then you can’t call someone a red neck who is a cajun either. It’s a lose lose situation. So, lets just say everyone comes out to play.

I do not know what I did to make god turn my power on, but thank goodness he did. Many parts of my neighborhood are still without power. So, the neighbors are out and about creating endless amounts of entertainment. These are the lovely things that they can be seen doing:

1. Teenagers actually riding bikes. Sure they were smoking cigarettes and dressed like mini thugs, but hey, they were riding bikes!

2. The drug dealing neighbor lady ,whose husband I haven’t seen in days, was making out with an old lady in the winn dixie parking lot. You would not believe the stuff that goes down at the winn dixie around here. The land of dreams kids.

3. This truck. I am certain he was there to pick up their daughter for date. Right?

So, dad I have a new boyfriend….

4. My friend’s husband is having a custom built iron frame that will hold 100 small LSU flags and one large confederate flag mounted on his truck. In case you thought you were classy. Guess again.

5. People wearing this shirt. Can you find the grammatical error? Yes, they wear it with pride. Guess what happens when you tell them about the error? You kidding, I am not fighting a drunk red neck over grammar.