Good Reads

A friend asked me where my blog roll was as to help her find some good blogs to start following. This reminded me I had not updated my blog roll in oh about nine months. And here on wordpress, there is a good potential for half your blog roll to stop posting in that time, so it was due for an update.

I posted last month for people to ask me to check out their blogs, I am still doing that, and so have not added any of those cool blogs to my blog roll yet, but will the next update.

I keep my blog roll on the page called good reads at the top of my homepage. I hope you enjoy reading these blogs because I sure as hell do.

Here are some amazing blogs. In no particular order ūüôā

0. Not the hardest part (formerly known as the waiting) 

1. Becoming Cliche 

2. Publikworks

3. Mommy Man

4. The Solipsistic Me

5. A Buddhist in the Red Belt

6. Zendicitve

7. Ashley, etc

8. Snide Reply

9. Maximum Wage

10. Dirt N Kids

11. The Lutheran Church of Australia: In my opinion

12. Daddy Ranman

13. Raising my Rainbow

14.¬†In Case I’m Gone

15. Sweet Mother

16. Ferociously Fallen

17. Sweating for it

18. A rich full life in spite of it

19. Canadica!

20. A Clown on Fire 

Reach out and grab your destiny.

Over the past week of watching delayed olympics already knowing who won, I find myself wondering if I am really living up to my potential.

Why could I not have been an amazing olympic athlete?

Because my destiny was to teach the youth of america. Gasp. No. I want a new destiny.


What would be a good destiny to chose? I know normally one does not get to choose their own destiny, but I am really tight with god and he is totally cool with it.


There is only one real choice for the best destiny of all time. To be able to literally become characters in my favorite books and jump from book to book, living multiple amazing lives through the words of the writers throughout history.


There are so many books to choose from  where shall I start??


I’m thinking Green Eggs and Ham. A true classic.