Wasn’t it supposed to be Halloween today?

If you lived in my neighborhood you wouldn’t even know it was halloween. Only a few houses have their lights on. The few kids that came around were not dressed up in costumes, or considered a hat a costume.

<Insert rant here>

No one cares about halloween anymore. Everywhere you turn people are having fall festival “christian alternatives” to the evil trick or treating. Christmas decorations have been up at target for days. The only ones getting into halloween are college kids because they want to get slutty and drunk.

What happened to kids halloween parties? Bobbing for apples, popcorn balls, hot apple cider, carving pumpkins, and swarms of kids running about the neighborhood?

Damn it Susan, go away ! (Susan is my alter ego that is a 1950s house wife) Just trying to make me feel crappy because I can’t throw a halloween party. Well you know what Susan I don’t care and I won’t care next year either.

Or maybe I will just get my sister to throw a party for our kids she is good at that kind of stuff.