Oh no he didn’t….

I had a wicked terrible work week this week. And was beginning to lose hope in all of humanity when the most perfect teen moment happened in my study hall last hour Friday. I am often asked how I could teach high school, when it was so awful the first time around? The answer is simple. The first time I lived the drama. Now, it is like watching a reality tv show on mtv, priceless entertainment.


All names have been changed to protect people’s awesomeness.

I have my study hall sitting all spread out and silent due to their desire to talk, talk, talk, and talk louder. One can only listen to conversations starting with “Oh my god Becky did you see what she was wearing?” so many times, before one has had enough.

Image the two most popular girls  in school, Sally and Betty, sitting in the farthest row from me directly behind each other. One row over and seat back is Johnny.

Sally turns to Betty, ” Mike’s mom is at school.” Betty turns to Johnny, “Mike’s mom is at school.” They both look forward. Johnny replies “Am I supposed to care?” In complete synchronization they turn their heads with a quickness roll their eyes with exact timing and then whip their heads back forward at the exact same moment. He then says, “Was there something I was supposed to get there?” They do not even move. He begins to apologize and makes an excuse to get up and go closer to them and whisper in Betty’s ear. She ignores him.

I say, “Johnny they are already mad at you just leave them alone.” The class laughs.

It could not have been a more perfect teen movie moment if they had planned it.

And some days it is the little things that make you smile and get you through until the next day.