You are not alone

Living in the south there is never a shortage of conservative republicans. All one needs to do is open your eyes. So, it came to quite a surprise when I found a liberal at my school. We met over my computer, having simple chat about the new education legislation. Oh sure, we had met before, but never realized we were of the same thread. It was a beautiful moment. Here is the abbreviated conversation.

Him- “Do you still keep up with the public school politics?”

Me- “Oh of course I do, they closed my old school, what are these people thinking?”

Him- “We argue a lot about it back in my department, I lose everyday”

Me- “Oh my gosh me too!”

Him- “Why are we not eating lunch together?”

Me- “Oh My God I don’t know?”

Him- “If only I had known, we could have been hanging out all this time”

Me- “Where can we sneak away to each lunch next year?”

Him- “There is no where to hide.”

Me- “Wait, I have a cool friend coming here next year, we can hide in his room because he is new and no one will look for us there”

It was better than Christmas. And I love Christmas.



Open letter to Bobby Jindal

Dear Mr. Jindal,

There have been many wonderful things you have done for this state. You are greatly loved by many. As a teacher I have a few thoughts on your new education plans. I understand that you want to focus on teachers.  I will agree that I have witnessed a few less than stellar teachers, but I wonder what you plan to do with the big issues in your schools.

Every day I would get to school and have to clean the rat feces off of my desk and the students desk. When I asked the health inspector what he could do about the rats he told me “there was nothing that could be done.” When rats would run along the wall in class it was very difficult to get the class back on track. There were a couple of holes in the windows of my classroom. I covered them with duct tape, yet wasps continued to get into class. I feared not only for students with allergies, but also that a simple wasp sting would hurt an innocent child. I wonder what your thoughts are on how I should teach in this room. What would you have done if this was your child’s classroom? There are quite a few schools that I know would fit this model.

The second big issue I faced was the lack of professional development. One of the big issues today is how are teachers do not spend enough time  training. I taught higher level math. I asked my district professional development coordinater if there was any math training the district offered past geometry. They said they had never had any. No training for Algebra 2, precalculus, or calculus. Let alone AP courses. I looked throughout the state for training to become a better math teacher and found very little. I wonder where in your new laws there is more teacher training for those that want to become better teachers.

The third big issue I faced was how to teach children coming from rough home lives. I had children who would sleep through class because they were homeless and slept on a school bench outside the previous night. Students who had been raped. Students who would be coming down from severe drug highs in the middle of class. Students vomiting from being drunk at 8 am. I was ill equipped on how to help them. I would have loved training on how to not only reach those students, but empower them to want to be great. Does part of your law include plans for these students and their teachers?

The fourth big issue I saw was the violence in school. Not once was the school put on lock down for a gun. The only way I knew they had found and taken a gun was by watching the evening news. Students would get into such violent fights that often someone left in an ambulance. I know there was training for non violent intervention, but it made no significant change. Many of the schools practiced positive behavior intervention. Yet, still guns and violence. What part of your new law deals with guns and violence in the schools?


A concerned teacher

Nude Feud

For those of you that do not live in the wild state of Louisiana, I thought I would fill you in on the exciting happenings here.

Sure New Orleans has a murder a day, but that is nothing compared to the scandals we have in the rest of the state.

We have battle of all battles going on between two strip clubs. The paper has coined it the Nude Feud.

It all begins in Montepelier.

“Straddling the village of Montpelier, St. Helena Parish’s two strip clubs have ignited a parishwide battle.”

A parishwide battle sounds like such a large city. Well it is.

“Montpelier’s population hovers around 200, but it has a bank, a feed store, a Western store and a Dollar General.”

There are two strip clubs in a battle against each other. They both want the other shut down and the local pastor wants them both gone.

“Both Oak Ridge Lounge and The Mansion — which also features dancers clad in G-strings — are in violation of a 2004 parish anti-nudity ordinance, said Clifton Speed, the Police Jury’s attorney.”

They sent in undercover police to catch the nude behavior, but could not find any.

“I told him, ‘That’s terrible police work,’ ” Durand said. “You can’t find a naked woman in a strip club? That’s not even trying.”

Everyone of the 200 people in town are upset, well except those who go to the clubs.

“I might be 72 years old, but I could still kick your ass,”

All across the state we are on the edge of our seats as to what will happen….



*Article quotes from the Advocate*




Don’t Mess with Designing Women

There is a hilarious Blog I’ve Become my parents. On Wednesday’s he answers questions. I asked one last week and guess what ?? He answered it! Check it out here!

Now onto Wonderful Wednesday Blogging!

I try to steer clear of political banter, but sometimes things are too funny not to share. When Dixie Carter (Designing Women) is pitted against Michelle Bachman. Hilarity ensues.

South Park life lesson # 2

The political season continues. Debates going on people smack talking left and right. Protests popping up from city to city. And the ever annoying facebook posts about said political happenings.

I can’t help but laugh at all of them. Oh they are all so convinced they are right. That they have such different moral and life values from each other. Oh and the world is ending as we know it.

But its not ending. And I hate to break it to you, but most everyone lives the same damn boring life. We get married at least once, have a kid or two, have bills we don’t like paying, and a job we like somedays and hate other days. Yes we disagree on a few issues, but nothing that is really end of the world. Oh but don’t tell that to the news anchors. Their little heads might explode.

The problem is if we all sit down and compromise, well there is no money in that. The money to be made is on grid lock and news stories and fear. I often wonder why people don’t see that they are being manipulated into fear to spend money the way they want you to. To hate the people they want you to hate. But they can’t see the forest for the trees.

Of course this is best explained with south park. Stan realizes the world is all shit. The music, the movies, the food. It’s all stupid shit. Not important. But no one else notices. They just keep living in their “reality” He finally realizes sometimes you have to take a left turn, start new, and let go of what you have been holding on to in life and begin anew. Of course no one in town lets him do that and to get through the day he begins to drink whisky everyday. Which of course is what many of our youth are doing.

Change can be great. Learning to let go of your past ideas of what life should be and embraces the wonderful life you have. Of course no one listens to little ol’ me. What do I know.