Let’s Play!

What makes a good playground?

Let's spin till we puke!

I have been to what seems like every playground in town. I have discovered many things.

1. Playgrounds with sand suck. Apparently there was a memo sent out to every cigarette smoker telling them to leave their cigarette butts in the park sand. It does look like a giant ash tray, if you are drunk.

2. Playgrounds with metal slides are lame. It is like saying ooh ooh look we have shiny toys, but don’t touch or you will burn your bum.

3. Rubber ground playgrounds=love. I heart you rubber bouncy floor.

4. The less kids at a playground the better. Nothing is worse than snobby moms at the playground. Wait, yes there is. When they stop talking the moment you walk over the swing your child next to them, and stay silent until you leave.

5. Playgrounds are a bust without a bathroom. That is unless you are cool with letting your kid pee outside in public.



In honor of the National Day of Silence I will not be blogging tomorrow. It is a day set aside to stand up against bullying/suicide of LGBT youth.