What Remains

I am attempting to grow a garden. At a wonderful request by Shannon I am going to fill you in with the dramatic tale of what has been happening to my garden. For this story to make any sense you must know where it all began Part One and Part Two.

It was a wonderful time my garden was growing beautifully. Veggies were full of life. And then I went on vacation for a couple of days. It was as though they were just waiting for me to leave. Watching my every move. Yes that is correct, the  thug cats in my neighborhood attacked my garden You see I have thug cats in my neighborhood. They run the streets. Not even the pitbulls have survived in the neighborhood, but they survive. I would not go out after dark if I were you. They will cut you. They lay on my car in the morning just daring me to say something to them.

They ate out almost the entire garden. I should have seen it coming. Set up traps while I was gone.

What remains

Oh the places I have been.

A few weeks ago I posted about the wonderful places I wish to explore here.


This week I thought I would post about the wonderful places I have been.


1. The most haunted house in America. In St. Francisville, La there is a an old plantation, The Myrtles, said to be the most haunted house in America. I have been quite a few times in an attempt to meet some ghosts. I have yet to see any, but I do almost faint every time I walk into one of the rooms in the house. Seriously.

deadly house are sexy


2. The Swiss Alps. For those of you outdoorsy, hikers, this is it. The most amazing place you will every visit. There are herds of cows. Each one with a different bell. There is nothing but silence and then the faint sound of the bells blowing on the wind. The cold water flows down from the snowy peaks to remind you that it is possible to be pure.

Oh my! It's me! Hello!


3. San Fransisco. More specifically, the windiest road. Could it get any better? No. Never.

image from ubranlandscape tumblr


4. Seattle Washington. Yet another place with amazingly breathtaking outdoor hikes. In case you did not notice, I love to hike. The difference is in Seattle you can smell the coffee wafting on the air as you watch the sun set over puget sound. Even on its rainiest days it far outshines most others.


5. Paris, France. I went in highschool, and it rocked my world. The food, the history, the beauty. Oh that I could live in Paris and walk down the river on a warm spring day.

image from wikipedia


Update: Gardening dreams

I know that all of you are on edge as to the status of my garden. I will put you out of your misery. It is thriving! And I have not forgotten to water it yet!

In Case you have forgotten Here is the original post about my garden.

It started as this:

The finished garden! Have you seen anything more precious? Of course you haven't.


And One week later it is now this !

Who knew I had such a green thumb?

And Two weeks later! ( yes I just went out in the dark to take this picture)

On my way to being a true American Farmer


The DIY project missing from your life

There are many wonderful things about living in the south. I am going back and forth about if there are enough wonderful things to keep me here. But, for now… Here is where I am supposed to be. One of the positives is being able to garden almost year round.

Weekend Mission should I choose to accept it:

1. Kick ass.  duh already do that every day. Check that one off the list

2. Make epic Cincinnati Chili. OMG OMG the recipe I found is beyond perfect. Of course I didn’t follow the recipe. Would I be me if I did? Will post the recipe later because you all need to eat this. Before your life spirals into an abyss of boring food.

3. Plant the best vegetable garden the world has ever seen. See photographic proof below.

*Warning, I got this garden concept from pinterest* 🙂 http://www.apartmenttherapy.com

I found a random pallet, in the trunk of my car. Right after visiting my friend at a big store. Odd huh? We, and by we I mean my wife, covered the back in black yard fabric. I spent an hour finding the perfect place in the backyard and then filling it with garden soil. Why garden soil? Because garden soil must be better than regular soil or they wouldn’t sell it. If you can’t tell yet, I know nothing about gardening. But I am on a mission to go more organic and green. So, damnit. I am going to garden.

The cutest garden ever

My next step was to plant my herbs in my little garden box. I planted lavender, rosemary, chives, and basil. I also planted cucumbers, and a tomato plant. I still have lots of room, but I am going to see if I can keep these plants alive first.

Did I mention you have to wear a tutu to garden effectively?

My daughter was a crucial part of the gardening process. She stands by points her finger and tells me what to do. What would I do without that? Most toddlers would play in the dirt, but if she touched the dirt her fingers would be “nasty.” And we can’t have that, now can we?

Damn, those are some sexy legs.

The last step, and most important, is to water the garden. This was my downfall last year. I just started to forget to water. This year, I will remember!!! Hope springs eternal people.

The finished garden! Have you seen anything more precious? Of course you haven't.

As a last ditch effort I planted sunflowers along my back fence because you and I both know I will forget to water my garden and it will die. And if it doesn’t die the evil thug cats that the old lady next door is training to take over the neighborhood will destroy it. So when that happens I will need something sunny and happy to make me feel successful. Thus the sunflowers.

Location of future sunflowers