I am not dead yet, so let’s party!

I have spent that past three years cleansing my life of many things. Negative people, toxic chemicals, unhealthy relationships, etc. The last step to a complete life cleanse is to stop dying your hair. But I am sure you knew that. I have been dying my hair since I was 14. Blonde, Brown, Red, Black, but not purple. I always wanted to dye it purple.


I have reached the point in my life where I have a decent amount of grey hair and I want to show it. I am proud that I getting older. Hell, If I wasn’t I would be dead right?

Image from the uncyclopedia

Each grey hair is another sign that I have beaten death once again. Ha Ha death the score is now 10,250 days me ; zero for you. Why are we not out there celebrating this?

There should be parties on the street corners. People gossiping “omg did you see Becky got another grey hair. Damn she is so lucky.” Beauty pageants with a 50 % grey requirement. Kids begging to die their hair grey, so they could be cool at school.

Sigh, If only.

Wait… I think I just got an invite to a grey hair only golf club. Oh wait they don’t let woman in.