Learning curve of Nanowrimo

I am sure you are expecting me to blog about the election, but I cannot. It hurts too much to think about it. I just want it to be over like morning sickness.

I have some insightful thoughts I have learned in my first week of nanowrimo.

1. It is weird and exciting when you are writing so much, you start to dream your novel. No kidding. I went to sleep and my dream began right were I left off writing. Gave me some fantastic ideas too.

2. It is super hard to write a book at night and do anything else productive. I wouldn’t bother trying. Eating cookies and writing, however, is extremely easy.

3. All the cool kids do nanowrimo. I am not go to a meet up of nanowrimo’s cool, but more like hipster writer wannabe cool. If only I could find my skinny jeans.

4. Characters you are writing will do things you did not expect. How is that even possible? Answer. Aliens.

5. I need complete quiet to write a novel. Somehow I can do a million things while I blog, but writing a fictional story, I need somewhere between silence and the kids are out of town quiet.

P.S. Win or lose I heart you Obama xoxo

Robots, Lunch, and Obama

I have a sign on  my classroom door it reads:


-backstory- the 4th grade eats lunch right before the high school. So if the kids are let out of class early they scare the 4th graders from going back for seconds. Thus we are not supposed to let them out early. They ask me everyday at least ten times a day if they can go to lunch early. Especially on Brunch for lunch day. So I put up a sign in an attempt to end the asking.

My seniors and I play jokes on eachother. They leave comments on tests “This bear will be sad if all these problems are wrong” I comment back “the bear is crying”. They draw on tests “usually robots”, I give their drawings thought bubbles “man I love justin beiber.” Sometimes they even add questions to the test for me to answer.


So they just had to add something to my sign. They printed out an Obama campaign sign  that said yes we can and put it under my lunch sign. Which now reads: