Nude Feud

For those of you that do not live in the wild state of Louisiana, I thought I would fill you in on the exciting happenings here.

Sure New Orleans has a murder a day, but that is nothing compared to the scandals we have in the rest of the state.

We have battle of all battles going on between two strip clubs. The paper has coined it the Nude Feud.

It all begins in Montepelier.

“Straddling the village of Montpelier, St. Helena Parish’s two strip clubs have ignited a parishwide battle.”

A parishwide battle sounds like such a large city. Well it is.

“Montpelier’s population hovers around 200, but it has a bank, a feed store, a Western store and a Dollar General.”

There are two strip clubs in a battle against each other. They both want the other shut down and the local pastor wants them both gone.

“Both Oak Ridge Lounge and The Mansion — which also features dancers clad in G-strings — are in violation of a 2004 parish anti-nudity ordinance, said Clifton Speed, the Police Jury’s attorney.”

They sent in undercover police to catch the nude behavior, but could not find any.

“I told him, ‘That’s terrible police work,’ ” Durand said. “You can’t find a naked woman in a strip club? That’s not even trying.”

Everyone of the 200 people in town are upset, well except those who go to the clubs.

“I might be 72 years old, but I could still kick your ass,”

All across the state we are on the edge of our seats as to what will happen….



*Article quotes from the Advocate*