OCD + hot mess = love

Have you ever dated someone that is OCD clean? No. Well then you haven’t lived. You never know what you are going to find when you come home. The living has been relocated to the dining room. Sweet I was bored with that room anyway. Your clothes have been washed, ironed, and put away. Awesome. The floors are mopped, swept, vaccumed, and shiny. Good I was planning on eating off the floor and was worried about the dirt. But the best part. I don’t have to touch the trash. Ever. Be jealous.

Oh it can’t be all good you say. But yes yes it can. Because I don’t live with a crazy i expect you to  be as clean as me kind of person. I live with a you can’ t possibly ever clean good enough so I will just do it person. From time to time I think I am going to be good and clean something. Bad idea. It just gets re cleaned. Oh well. Guess I will just continue to make messes. That I know I can do well!