Oh the places I have been.

A few weeks ago I posted about the wonderful places I wish to explore here.


This week I thought I would post about the wonderful places I have been.


1. The most haunted house in America. In St. Francisville, La there is a an old plantation, The Myrtles, said to be the most haunted house in America. I have been quite a few times in an attempt to meet some ghosts. I have yet to see any, but I do almost faint every time I walk into one of the rooms in the house. Seriously.

deadly house are sexy


2. The Swiss Alps. For those of you outdoorsy, hikers, this is it. The most amazing place you will every visit. There are herds of cows. Each one with a different bell. There is nothing but silence and then the faint sound of the bells blowing on the wind. The cold water flows down from the snowy peaks to remind you that it is possible to be pure.

Oh my! It's me! Hello!


3. San Fransisco. More specifically, the windiest road. Could it get any better? No. Never.

image from ubranlandscape tumblr


4. Seattle Washington. Yet another place with amazingly breathtaking outdoor hikes. In case you did not notice, I love to hike. The difference is in Seattle you can smell the coffee wafting on the air as you watch the sun set over puget sound. Even on its rainiest days it far outshines most others.


5. Paris, France. I went in highschool, and it rocked my world. The food, the history, the beauty. Oh that I could live in Paris and walk down the river on a warm spring day.

image from wikipedia


Dream Vacation Part Three

We went on vacation with my sister, her husband, and her 3 month old son. When I told her that I was planning on writing about the trip, her first response was well writing about me will take up at least one post. I am pretty sure that meant I was supposed to write a post about her. So here it goes.

This one is for you baby sis.

I love traveling with my sister and her husband for various reasons:

They are incredibly hip. As in almost hipster hip. They dress so hipster cool all the time. It is great being seen out with them. Even if we just run to the store they look like they stepped out of an urban outfitter catalog. Therefor, I am cooler by association. Or I look lame next to them not quite sure yet.

In a family of tradition conservatives they are the only ones I can actually have discussions with that don’t end in you need to watch Fox News. Not having anyone to talk to in your family about life is hard. It wears on you emotionally. So simply being able to talk is more of a blessing than I could imagine.

She has the super human ability to only take perfect pictures. Since we are southern, and every good southern family puts on jeans and white t-shirts to take family beach pics, that is what we did. I consider myself a fairly attractive lady. Even a student today told me in the lunch line that I was really pretty for a teacher. But, I cannot photograph to save my live. My sister, however, should have been a model. Every photograph is flawless. Even if you spook her at the moment you take the picture. My dad told me that when we were kids and getting our yearly church family portrait when my sister went up to take her photo, I said “I hate her. She always takes good pictures.”

Growing up we were not those sisters that did everything together. But every year we grow closer and closer. And now that we are both moms with kids close in age I have more fun with her than I ever did growing up.

I love you baby sister.



My super amazing fantastic top ten of 2011 list!

Many people look back on their year as New Years approaches. I have decided to look back at my blogs. It was difficult to pick only ten because damn I am a fantastic blogger. Well maybe. But mostly it was fun to go back and reread my thoughts. I thouroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do to!

Happy New Years!! Enjoy my top ten favorite blogs I wrote in 2011 (in no particular order)

1. Fall… Well maybe

“this fall will go down in the books. We even had a cool breeze all week.”

2. The Good Soda

“I didn’t walk at graduation, I ran. As far as I could.”

3. Shopping via email

“I just love an overly helpful salesperson.”

4. Vote or Die

“Every Four years something bad happens. It is so bad it frightens me to speak its name. Political season”

5. Ninja Babies

“One of the best parts of being a parent is the unsolicited advice from people. No really.”

6. Does my ego look good in these pants?

“Have you ever met someone that knows everything there is to know. Not only that but they are never wrong. Ever. yeah I know you have. Hopefully you aren’t married to them.”

7. I‘ll take my coffee black 

“Making outlandish goals I will not achieve leaving me to feel crappy. Gee, that sounds fun. No thanks.”

8. Not me again, seriously.. Damn it

” No matter how many times I am reminded that no most people do not think like I do, I forget and think I am totally normal. But damn it I feel normal !”

9. Vampire Babies 

“I often wonder if maybe she is really an alien baby as my dad has been suggesting all along.”

10. Block Party 

“I like hearing the sounds of kids playing in their back yards. The smells of hamburgers grilling on a warm afternoon. Watching the hot air balloons float across the morning sky every August. One problem. My crazy neighbors:”