Bitter Insignificance- updated

There was a sad lone love bug stuck in my classroom friday. I tried to catch him to send him back on his way outside. But, no such luck.

What a tragic life for this poor little animal.

A love bug only lives for up to four days and they spend almost the entire time mating.

I couldn’t help, but wonder if this bug had gotten to mate at all, or would he die alone in my little room?

Did he know his life was so tragic, or was he simply flying along not knowing what was coming?

It leads me to wonder if someone is watching all of us with the same tragic thoughts.

Watching us as we tragically attempt to control every last piece of our lives. Desperately wanting to make a change. Tragically changing nothing, only destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.

How silly we all must seem.


updated 8/27

I have to add this to my love bug story. Even if it only slightly fits.

-Today I had to sit in a swarm of love bugs at work. They were all flying around me mating. And two things occurred to me. One, how cool would it be to mate and fly at the same time. And two, I was standing in the middle of a giant orgy. Check that one of my bucket list!