A monday like no other

If you were not already aware, in the south there is a hierachy.

1. Jesus

2. Football

3. Family

Monday all will conincide on a day of all days. The national championship. It will be a rematch of epic proportions. I wrote about the previous game here.  You see it will be LSU vs Alabama again. As if they even deserve a second chance. Hell no. But they get one. Why ? Because they are football royalty and we are not. They whine and then get whatever they want.

Living in Louisiana, LSU is life. Every game day you wear purple and gold. Does it matter if you went to LSU, no. You just do it. I even dress my daughter in purple and gold. I don’t even know why, I just feel so compelled. I can’t stop myself. I taught my daughter  to chant “go tigers” whenever she sees football on TV. I went to Georgia Tech. What is wrong with me? It’s Lousiana. It changes you .

I know a lot of other places take football very seriously. But have you seen cities where they take down multiple American flags and replace them with LSU flags for the big game? No. They don’t do that even in Tuscaloosa.


What about closing offices and schools? Maybe for a national holiday. Not here. Schools all over the state are closed monday and opening late tuesday. Why, the game isn’t until six pm monday? So you can “experience the atmosphere” of the game and go to New Orleans. In other words, school is closed so we can party !!!!


Geaux Tigers !!!!!!