How many licks does it take?


News update:

Parents are buying lollipops that kids with chicken pox have licked.

One: Seriously!!??

Two: People are out of their mind

Three: Seriously!!??

Enter South Park Story: One of the older children gets chicken pox and the doctors are convinced she is going to die, so they think they should get all the kids to have chicken pox while they are young. They make everyone sleep over at kenny’s house while he is sick. Comedy ensues.

So you want to be just like the parents on south park. You model your decisions on them I see. Well they let their cartman kill a kid’s parents cook them make them into chili and then feed it to that same kid. You gonna do that too?

But in all seriousness, why would you buy a lollipop on the internet that someone else licked. Who to say that is really what happened to it. Maybe someone with herpes licked the lollipop and you are giving it to your child. Or maybe someone let their dog lick it. Or maybe no one licked it at all.

Maybe I ought to get on this band wagon. Maybe I can sell stepped on brownies. Or cookies filled with snot. ooohh I could sell gum already been chewed by people with the flu. Market it as the alternative to the flu shot. Why get a scary harmful shot when you can just chew gum?

The world has gone mad next they are going to tell me that you can teach a baby to read with only a few videos and 5 easy payments.