A Generation Disappointed

A generation


looking for




torches lit


fanning the flames

hatred woven

within the


flying past


be careful

not to breath them in

Because you see

It wasn’t me

It wasn’t you

It wasn’t them

We came here


we cannot




With the growing online presence in this world, I find that more and more people make up shit. Sadly, masses of people simply take it for truth.

This is something I have a hard time understanding. Is it that as a culture we are simply too trusting? Or too lazy?  Why take the time to research the statistics people are quoting, and ask the hard questions; when it is so fast to just google it. Wikipedia says (lots of crap) , so therefor it must be true.

Do they ever think that if everyone claims to be stating truth yet they are all stating conflicting ideas, that is impossible?

But the truth is not exciting. It doesn’t bring in the ratings or sell products. And first and foremost making money is the most important thing in life, right?

How did this happen? Who is to blame? There is no simple answer.

I do know this. The truth is out there. It may be covered in my fox news induced vomit. But it is out there.

Go find it.



Let’s be honest

Let’s be honest

Do you even know how

to tell the truth?

When you look in the mirror

What do you see?

Are you proud?

If I were you

I wouldn’t be

Or have you gone too far

that you cannot see

who you are


Deep down

I know you are in there

That you don’t even believe the


you tell yourself

What happened?

When did you give yourself over to

anger and hate?

Why are you taking us all down with











yippee the potty!

Ok I have something to confess.

Advertisements are lame

It is not time to get real about what happens in the bathroom. I don’t care what the quilted northern commercials tell you. Or the dancing tampon ladies. Stop dancing no one believes you.

Unless you are a boy under 18 no one wants to hear you talking about the bathroom. I promise. Why do commercials feel like they need to make it into some happy, beautiful, glowing experience. Really? Most people get into the bathroom and go damn I need to clean this mess of a room up. Not yippee the potty!

Advertisers get real with us. Just talk about your product. Showing me big brown bears using your product out in the woods is not cute, not real, and makes me wonder if you even know what your product is used for.

But the worst part about it is the people that are fooled by these stories and they really  believe diet pills will make them into a Kardashian. smh.