Can you choose?

Its time I got serious.

And I have one question for you. Take your time before you answer. I don’t want you rushing into a quick response.

Are you team Edward or team Jacob?

I know, how could I ask such an intimate question? But I have to know. Our entire relationship hinges on this. If you are team Jacob we simply cannot become bff’s. I will not allow my family to be tainted in such a way.

Have you not read the books? Seen the movies? Twilight is everything that is right in the world. Should I get the burger? No, Bella is a vegetarian. Should I go to the school dance? No, Bella doesn’t dance? Should I date the school hunk? Duh Yes.

I find it so amusing to watch not only teens but grown women getting so involved in a made up story. It’s as though they think they live in the book and the characters are their friends. similar to men and their video games.

I cant blame them though. Just turn on the news: death, hate, crime, followed by more death, hate, and crime. Getting lost in the magical world of a book for a few short hours, to forget the tragedy of life is not a bad idea.