Dear Google,

Dear Google,

I am greatly disapointed in you. Years ago I had a gmail account. It was hacked into and started send spam email. So I closed it down. If you are the super power that controls all that is on the internet then shouldn’t you be able to stop that from happening? Obviously you are weaker than you say you are. I thought maybe just maybe I should give your “gmail” another chance. I being the busy mom that I am forget my password. What do you do? Tell me you will investigate whether or not you will give me a new password in 3 to 6 days. Seriously? Seriously? Oh no you didn’t.

Well let me tell you what is going to happen. You do your investigation to decide if I am in fact myself. While I come up with a computer program that has a system for people who forget their passwords. Because we are not all super powerful password remembering machines. Maybe google if you spent less time tracking everything I have ever searched on the internet you would have come up with a better plan for forgotten passwords.

P.S. Google plus sucks


A former gmail account holder.