A Bloggers Kryptonite…. Writers Block

Writers Block. The bloggers kryptonite.

Nothing is more frustrating than a completely blank mind, or even worse one filled with weak ideas that cannot seem to come to life.

In case you ever get stuck with the block, I have listed my favorite go to blog ideas:

1. Recipes- Everyone loves a good recipe. Especially with pictures. Pictures of the food, not you.

2. Reviews- books, movies, tv, and more. I don’t do the books due to I only read rated R books, and some youngsters read this blog.

3. Work Stories- Everyone loves a great story they can relate to about how much work sucks. Unless your job is awesome, don’t rub that in my face. I may have to fight you.

4. Travel- Have you been someplace cool. Great! Tell me all about it. Wait, not that trip, you told me that story ten times already.

5. Silly kid stories- If you are going to talk about your kids walk the line. The line of funny, not overbearing mommy blog. Funny kid sayings=ok, My child speaks chinese, french, and spanish and she is one= not ok.

6. Christmas- The best holiday ever. So, you can write about it year round.

7. Letters- Getting to read someone’s private letter is like sneaking into your sister’s diary and finding out she had sex.


Now, go forth and write!



With the growing online presence in this world, I find that more and more people make up shit. Sadly, masses of people simply take it for truth.

This is something I have a hard time understanding. Is it that as a culture we are simply too trusting? Or too lazy?  Why take the time to research the statistics people are quoting, and ask the hard questions; when it is so fast to just google it. Wikipedia says (lots of crap) , so therefor it must be true.

Do they ever think that if everyone claims to be stating truth yet they are all stating conflicting ideas, that is impossible?

But the truth is not exciting. It doesn’t bring in the ratings or sell products. And first and foremost making money is the most important thing in life, right?

How did this happen? Who is to blame? There is no simple answer.

I do know this. The truth is out there. It may be covered in my fox news induced vomit. But it is out there.

Go find it.