I will point and laugh at you.

I have a bone to pick with the snotty college runners at the lake.

Oh so you are in your early 20’s and run, good for you. I am sure that makes you feel really special. I am here to break it to you, you are not special. In fact only your mommy and daddy think you are special, and maybe not even them.

When a car is driving on the road, yes, the road where cars have the right of way and you have nothing. You cannot just continue to run down the middle of the road. I know you think your shit doesn’t smell because you got into a state school. Please tell it to someone who cares.

Get out of the damn road.

I am quite certain you expect me to drive up onto someone’s lawn, or magically grow wings and fly my car over the lake, so you don’t have to move two feet over to the side of the road. But maybe, if you actually attended class instead of running in circles for fun, you would know that I cannot do that.

Please be warned next time, I will honk my horn, stick my head out the window, and yell that it is a life threatening emergency, and you will be held liable for not moving your ass.

And if that frightens you and your fall, I will laugh. And point. Take a picture and put it on facebook.


Damn college kids, just because you can dress like a slut, drink for days with no end in sight, and sleep with half the football team all before the weekend, does not make you magical. It makes you lame.

Even your friends think so, they just can’t tell you because they are too drunk to remember.