Hurricane or Zombie Attack? Asking the hard hitting questions.

It’s time to play  “Am I preparing for hurricane isaac or the zombie apocalypse…..”  game <I’m singing game show music, you just can’t here it.

1. You go to walmart the only empty isle is the beer isle-

photo borrowed from my cousin’s facebook. Shh don’t tell him.

The answer is both a hurricane and a zombie apocalypse. Both occasions require lubrications.

2. Hoarding as much gas as possible.

photo borrowed from my friend allison.

Again, both a hurricane and the apocalypse. You need lots of gas to out run both a storm and a crazed zombie. Obviously.

3. Your facebook feed is suddenly inundated with people posting about how many batteries they have in their house.

I got nothing on this one. Batteries people? Come one really. Who even uses batteries anymore. Zombies, that’s who.

Based on my obviously scientific study, I can conclude that it is not in fact a hurricane of rain and wind coming my way, but in fact a swarm of flying zombies.

You have been warned.

So you like to get hit by giant moving objects

No matter how hard I try I just cannot stop laughing at WipeOut. Where do they get these people? They want to get beat up by giant swinging objects and pits of mud. So it is obvious they are not your everyday person. They are wild. The man that rip off his clothes to have an american flag sequin spandex outfit underneath. Then dedicate his performance to Neil Diamond and chants America as he ran through the course. There was the teacher called the toothless wonder. Why? Because she can pop out her tooth. The large man with an itty bitty voice who yelled “help me” the entire time in the thickest southern accent I have ever heard. If I closed my eyes I would have pictured a southern beauty queen not a plus size man. Oh did I forget the man that thought he was the actual big foot? Then the host trying to make jokes as if they were on a real show. And those giant red balls. Has anyone ever bounced across them all?

Oh wait you win $50,000 now I get it. What will they do with the money? One dad said relocate and leave the kids. They can have the house.