Everyone has their reasons

I often wonder why other people blog. What brought them to that very first blog, and what they felt when they clicked publish for the first time. I myself blog for various reasons. In my “real” life I am a teacher in a religious school in a conservative city in a republican state. This leads to a lot of me not being able to discuss my opinions, thoughts, or feelings on a daily basis. Sure I could discuss them, I just might lose my jobs, family and friends. Do I want friends I can’t talk to or a job I have to be super careful in that is another discussion for another day. For many years I just kept my thoughts and feelings bottled up. As many of us are trained to do from a young age. But as I became a parent I find it harder and harder to do so. I don’t want my daughter ever afraid to be who she is and say what she means. If I am not setting that example then how will she learn to do it? Secondly I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t sleep anymore. I had so many thoughts bouncing around in my head that I could not quiet them to sleep. So I decided to start writing out my thoughts. And it has changed my life. Just the simple act of writing out my thoughts on something as silly as something I heard that day and sending it out into the universe  is an amazing release. It is as though I am packaging little pieces of my soul and sending them out to share with the world. I know not everything I write will be loved by everyone, but no matter who I am someone out there will have a problem with it so I might as well be myself.