Favorite Posts From This Year #8

People make such snap judgements of you. The moment they meet you. And somedays I just would like to be judged by the pages in my book not my cover.

I am not cute damnit 

I am petite, thin,  and “cute as a button” giving me quite the innocent look.

This pisses me off. And has since I was a kid.

I AM NOT CUTE! DAMNIT! I am edgy and dangerous.

image from google images

I promise


damn, no I’m not.

This would not be a problem, except people laugh at me. All the time. Literally.

Why blog about this today? If this is a life long problem. I walk into work and go to my department head to let them know I got a new tattoo and it is visible. I am allowed to show my tattoos as long as they are tasteful. What was her response and the response of a co worker. Laughter. For five minutes. Followed by you are just so funny. Why? Because I just don’t look like a girl that would get tattoos, so me enjoying getting tattoos is just ridiculous.

image from http://shimmerlings.files.wordpress.com

This post is for all of us out there that are tired of being considered completely ridiculous by simply being ourselves.

No matter how many times they laugh, write you off, or dismiss you, stand tall! Be proud!

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Favorite Posts From This Year #7

I learned some very big life lesson this year. One of them, light bulbs are evil.

No I will not buy your shit anymore.

There is a conspiracy going on between the beauty industry and the light bulb industry. Oh and I am about to blow that shit wide open. They would have you believe they have nothing in common. They are just bringing light to the dark world. Lies.

from google images

You see they have different types of light bulbs that affect the way your image is viewed in a mirror. In particular restroom mirrors. Everyday I go to the middle school faculty bathroom, as it is the nicest, and the flourescent bulb makes me look as though I should be turning into a zombie in moments. Panic strikes my soul, and immediately I think I need a new dye job, a new keratin treatment, fresh makeup, and new clothes. Then I get home look in my mirror with nothing but natural light, and am floored by my statuesque beauty.

Blasted evil light people got me again. Damn you. I will not be tricked by your magic light beams into buying beauty products I do not need. I imagine the beauty industry is paying the light people millions of dollars to fool us into buying their products. As all women are beautiful and do not need to cover it up with colorful face paint.

The urge is so strong to go and buy something, I am left wondering if the mirror people are in on it as well.

Rise up women!

I have found a solution!

Start going to the bathroom in the dark.